Welcome to Wheatley Windmill

1806 - 1914: The Final Years of Operation

In 1806 John Sheldon bought it from John Parish for 525 but he sold it in the next year, when its capacity was described as eight loads of wheat.

From then until 1857 it passed fairly rapidly from one owner to another but in that year George Cripps, born in Aston Rowant, bought the mill and the house and except for seven years when he lost it through defaulting on a mortgage, it has remained in the possession of his family until the present day.

In 1875 the post mill on the opposite side of the road burned down.

After the turn of the century Stone milling fell out of favour and steel roller milling took over. With the abundant supply of electric power these mills were far more cost effective to run. This marked the end for most Wind and Water mills. It would appear that at the end of its life the mill was not being used to mill grain but Ochre. In 1914 the financial pressures took its toll on the Wheatley mill, and it was used for the last time.

Mill 1806 - 1914