Welcome to Wheatley Windmill

The Mill Building:

The octagonal shape of this 18th Century tower mill is distinctly unusual, there are only two or three such towers in the UK. This tower has three storeys. There are two fireplaces on the ground floor (some mills only had one, and others none at all) and a properly framed staircase leads to the 'stone floor', i.e. the first floor where the mill stones are set. The original curved dome cap was copper clad and has been described as being 'picturesque without being elegant'.

There were originally four sails (which turned clockwise rather than the more usual anti-clock) but for a time the windmill operated on two sails only. These were of the 'common' type with a wooden frame rigged with canvas which could be set according to the state of the wind and the amount of work the miller had to do. The canvas used was similar to that used on Thames barges.

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