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This section will allow you to view various news stories. Latest update - June 2018.

Descriptions and photos of restoration work prior to 2007 can be found on the Restoration pages.
Here are links to photos and videos of more recent restoration work.

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June 2018 - Updated the "Join Us" page and Membership Form to comply with new GDPR Privacy Policy law.

January 2018 - We are looking for a new volunteer Windmill Webmaster. Please send the details of your website management experience to the Secretary of the Preservation Society by email to secretary@wheatleymill.co.uk.

January 2017 - Updated Donations page to encourage donations to repair the broken sail.

January 2017 - added 2017 Open Days poster to front page, and re-installed Visitor Counter.

June 2016 - added Slide Show of restored Boulter returning to Wheatley Windmill.

October 2015 - added Slide Show of visit by Year 4s from Wheatley Primary Academy.

February 2015 - added 2015 Newsletter to Society page.

January 2015 - added artwork by Paul Larsen to the Gallery art section

June 2014 - added a video clip taken during 2014.

February 2014 - added Call for Volunteers.

October 2013 - added various photos and a video clip taken during 2013

August 2013 - added more artwork to the Gallery art section

August 2013 - added photos and video clips of a biking group visiting the windmill

July 2013 - added photos of bread to Society page.

June 2013 - added new painting of the mill dated 1935.

March 2013 - added 2013 Newsletter to Society page.

January 2013 - added Wheatley Windmill Preservation Society Constitution to Society page.

January 2013 - added Sources of Financial Support to Society page.

October 2012 - added Food Hygiene Rating Certificate to Society page.

September 2012 - added bread recipes to Society page.