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2000: Fitting the New Cap

As described in the previous restoration section (see here) the new Cap for the mill was built at Chris Wallis's workshops near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. This meant that when it came time to fit the new cap it would have to be transported to Wheatley. The time came on the 8th October 2000 when the cap weighing about 3 tonnes was lifted via a crane onto a low loader and with a police escort made its way to Wheatley.

As can be seen from the pictures below the convoy was quite a sight however the trip passed without event. In the mean time the crane had arrived at the mill and positioned itself behind the mill house. The narrow windmill lane made for a tight squeeze but eventually the cap arrived just outside the mill gates.

The protective plastic was removed from the runners on the curb and the trolley wheels were given a final coat of grease. Then finally time came to lift the cap into place. The crane was connected up and the cap was lifted from the low loader and up over the trees to above the mill (see the animation below).

Once above the mill Chris Wallis guided it down the last few feet, until eventually the new cap was in place.

Len Cripps seen greasing the trolley wheels.

The crane moves into place next to the mill house.

The cap convoy makes its way through Wheatley village.

The cap and police escort approach Windmill Lane coming up Ladder Hill.

It is a tight squeeze along the narrow lane.

The crane is attached and the lifting begins.

This picture gives an idea of the size of the crane required.

The cap is swung out behind the mill house.

The cap had to raised to a height above the trees and the three storey mill.

The cap is lined up above the mill.

It is then lowered and final adjustments made.

It is done, the new cap is in place.

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