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Restoration Task List

Task Completed
Removal of remnants of the cap and the upper running gear 06/1977
  • Using a crane remove all loose and decayed wood work from the top of the mill.
  • 06/1977
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    Repair and seal stone work and replace windows and doors 06/1996
  • Erect scaffolding, and replace rotten mortar in between the stonework of the mill. Removing weeds growing into the brickwork and repair the window and door lintels.
  • 06/1996
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    Replace Floors 03/2005
  • Lay 300 sq. ft of elm floorboards over the Stone floor and the east side of the Bin floor.
  • 02/2001
  • Lay 200 sq. ft of 2-inch thick elm boards around Millstones on the Bin floor.
  • 02/2001
  • Level Ground floor, waterproof and fit new floor boards.
  • 03/2005
    Replacement Cap 05/2001
  • Manufacture of new Cap.
  • 09/2000
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  • Fitting of new Cap.
  • 10/2000
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  • Construct and install wood binding ring with plastic bird barrier onto inside of the cap ring.
  • 01/2001
  • Add skirt boards to cap and binding ring. Complete waterproof membrane between cap and skirt and paint skirt black.
  • 03/2001
  • Shape and fit balusters on rear platform.
  • 05/2001
  • Repair the two original secondary shears, which support the short tailbeam with its windshaft tail bearing.
  • 01/2004
    Recondition and fit the Windshaft 02/2002
  • Repair the rotten windshaft. Fit canister with tubular extension back into windshaft, in correct alignment with tail bearing. Reassemble binding rings round windshaft.
  • 11/2001
  • Crane repaired combined windshaft and canister into mill through front hatch.
  • 01/2002
  • Reset cast iron bearing block and bronze bearing bush on wood pillow block above weather beam and bolt in position.
  • 02/2002
  • Cut tail beam to accept the windshaft tail bearing. Fit the tail bearing and test the rotation and angle of the windshaft to make sure that sail timbers when fitted into canister will turn clear of the mill tower.
  • 02/2004
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    Connection of Main Shaft to Windshaft
  • Using the existing clasp arm spokes make a new rim for the wallower wheel of approximately six feet outside diameter. Make and fit the 40 hornbeam cogs. Fit the wallower to the top of main shaft.
  • 03/2003
  • Create a test section of the Brakewheel and run tests inside the mill to check it meshes with the Wallower and clears all of the other elements of the Cap.
  • 02/2004
  • Make a new wooden Brakewheel, and fit 72 cogs into the oak rim. Fit the wheel onto the Windshaft, so that it meshes properly with the Wallower. Make and fit struts to fit between the wheel spokes and the existing sockets in the Windshaft.
  • Ongoing
  • Make a 4" elm wood brake band, iron anchor and pulling strap with iron for articulated joints. Repair oak brake lever and fit the pulling strap to it. Then attach the brake anchor to the left-hand shear at the base of the Cap. Set up the brake lever on new pivot. Make 2 pulleys to fit in end of lever and attach 50 feet of rope between these and double pulleys to ground. Fix existing brake retaining hook.
  • Make new Sails
  • Make Sail spars from larch roughly sawn to taper, then dry at the mill. Shape two 36-foot stocks to fit 9" x 10" canister block on windshaft. Shape four 26-foot whips for four common sails.
  • 09/2003
  • Mortise whips for four common sails. Completely assemble sails and bolt onto stocks. Bore holes for fastening whips. Treat at pressure preservative plant, them reassemble and paint with three coats of microporous paint.
  • Obtain and fit four treated flax sails to fit common sail frames. Erect sail stocks and sail sweeps. Test brake mechanism.
  • Cap Rotating Mechanism
  • Recondition the iron spindle used to rotate the cap and the various cogged wheels that are associated with the spindle mechanism. Locate the bearings to mount the turning mechanism and recondition them.
  • Fabricate and fit a frame to fit inside the cap to hold the vertical spindle and cap rotation spur wheel. Fix the horizontal shaft passing under the rear door and connect up the worm gear to turn the spur wheel.
  • Create a wheel to be placed into winding mechanism that when it is fitted with a 60-foot chain will allow the Cap to be rotated from the ground. Fit the wheel and the chain then reassemble the hand-winding handle.
  • Make a new centring ring to be fitted to the inside of the curb.
  • Recondition the 6 existing centring wheels and create new wooden brackets for them. Mount the completed assemblies to the bottom of the cap shears spaced around the inside of the cap ring, so that they run in contact with the centring ring.
  • Make and fit the 113 winding cogs into the curb, then test moving the cap.
  • Repair the Millstones
  • Repair and dress one broken running stone from the north side pair of millstones.
  • 04/2003
  • Reset the stones in the correct position and balance the running stones.
  • Make two curb rings to fit around the base of the bed stones, and create outlet chutes for the flour.
  • Recondition or make new stone cases and grain feed equipment (horse, damsel, etc.) for each set of stones.
  • Repair or make new grain feed hoppers for the Bin floor and fit with chutes down to the stone hoppers.
  • Repair the Sack Hoist
  • Make new friction driven sack hoist. This will require a hoist shaft, friction drum, can control arm.
  • Mount the new sack hoist connecting it to the 35ft lifting chain. Install the control cord, and test the hoist.
  • Make new Ochre Grinder
  • Design and build an ochre crusher to stand permanently outside the mill.
  • Repair the Boulter
  • The Boulter requires new feed chutes, hoppers sack attachments and canvas drum. Then fix belt drive to the Boulter.
  • Miscellaneous Jobs
  • Make fiddle shaped weather vane with needle pivot to fit needle point on top of existing spindle, then fix to ridge over rear porch.
  • 08/2002
  • Make, paint and fit three traditional 11" long strap and pin hinges for rear doors.
  • 01/2003
  • Make and fit stepladders to connect the Stone floor to Bin floor, and the Bin floor to the Cap.
  • 01/2004
  • Fabricate new grain bins and install them on the Bin floor.
  • Fix iron strengthening straps between the weather beam and the cap.
  • Finish boarding above and below canister journal.
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