Welcome to Wheatley Windmill
Preservation Society

We want people like you !

Climbing the sail
Volunteer climbing a sail frame to tie the canvas on at the top. He is wearing a full climber's safety harness and helmet. Note the person on the ground to hold the ladder used to get onto the sail frame.

Are you a person who would like to bake cakes or serve teas at Wheatley Windmill, or haul on a rope to operate the mill's brake lever, or climb the sail frames under supervision to put on sail canvases? These are all outdoor tasks the currently committed helpers have learnt. Inside, there is another range of unusual opportunities for enhancing your CV; chasing ladybirds and spiders out of the mill, or oiling cogs with linseed oil, or even learning to mill flour, which is what windmills are all about, or acting as a steward on open afternoons. Anyone who would like to join a team of eccentric but dedicated local people would be most welcome to take part, provided he or she is over the age of 18. Sadly, our insurance will not cover younger enthusiasts. We will give you training and support in whatever you would like to do, except cake baking, where we trust that you already aspire to the standards of Mary Berry. We open on the second Sunday of the month, starting in May and ending in October. Take an advance look at us in action at this website before you sign up to unwind at the windmill. Then, please make yourself known to our Secretary, Janet Redfern at secretary@wheatleymill.co.uk.

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