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The Grain or Bin Floor

The next floor down from the Cap and beneath the Wallower is the Grain Floor. It is so called, as it was here that the grain was stored. The floor contains the Sack hoist that was used to bring the grain up to this floor via a trapdoor. It also contained a series of bins that held the bags of grain until they were needed.

When they were required the bags of grain were emptied into one of two Hoppers that feed the Grain from this floor down to the Stone Floor.

Milling tended to be a seasonal business, and during the quieter times millers had to find ways to suppliment their income. At Wheatley this was done by using the mill to grind Ochre, it was also done by the inclusion of a wooden pedal lathe on the Bin floor. The lathe was used to turn wood to order, it was not linked to the mill's power system.


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