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Mill Types

There are three types of Windmill, Post Mill, Smock Mill and Tower Mill. Wheatley mill is a Tower Mill.

Post Mill
This is the earliest type of mill. It consists of a large central post that the mill is built around. The post is braced at its base and the whole mill structure rotates around the base. This type of mills where relatively easy to move around and it was not unheard of to do so. The main drawback of this type of mill was a lack of storage space and to this end the base of the mill was sometimes enclosed in a stone or brick structure.

There was a Post mill at Wheatley close to the Tower mill. At one time both were owned by George Cripps, unfortunately the Post mill burnt down (a common occurrence for mills of this type).
Tower Mill
A Tower Mill consists of a stone tower upon which a cap is mounted. The cap is the only part of the mill capable of movement. Due to their stone construction more tower mills still survive today.
Smock Mill
A Smock mill is a faceted tower mill that is made out of wood. They are so called as it was said that the sloped wooden sides resembled a miller's smock.

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