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The Stone Floor

Above the Ground Floor and beneath the Bin Floor is the Stone Floor. It is on this floor that the Millstones are situated and it is where the milling was done. At Wheatley there were two sets of Millstones, each with their own feed system and adjustment controls.

The grain would come down from the floor above via two chutes and would pass into a small hopper (called a horse) on top of each set of Millstones. The stones would then grind the grain and the resulting flour would pass through a chute beneath the stones down to the Ground Floor.

Also on this floor can be found a machine called the Boulter. This machine was used to refine the flour.

The Sack Hoist, the mechanism of which is situated on the Bin Floor, also passes through this floor and has a trapdoor leading to the Ground Floor. There are a set of Loading doors on this level and it is assumed that when grain was delivered that it was unloaded off the cart and up onto this level, rather than down the Ground floor.

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