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Open Day at Wheatley Windmill May 2012

An enterprising Friend of the Mill, Martin Gibson, took a series of videos of the inner workings of the mill.
There are 16 video clips and you will need to scroll down to see all the links to them. You will need Adobe Flash Player to see them.
Please choose the video you wish to see, a new smaller video window will open.

(if the video window does not open, try clicking on the "Refresh" or "Renew" button once or twice; this should start it.)
You will find the "Refresh" button on the top toolbar of your browser.

The following photos and video clips are shown with the permission of Martin Gibson.

1. Sails turning with the sail cloths in situ


2. View inside the cap


3. Worm gear linking to fantail mechanism


4. Windshaft and brake wheel turning


5. Brake wheel, wallower & windshaft turning


6. The sails start to turn the brakewheel as the brake is lifted. It slows again as the lever drops the brake.

1min 26sec

7. The brakewheel turning the wallower, which turns the main vertical driveshaft


8. The lever (operated by rope from the ground), lifts the brake band and the mill starts turning.


9. Shows the eccentricity of the brakewheel. Shows the structure of the cap nicely.


10. Brake wheel and wallower turning inside the cap.


11. The brakewheel is not quite concentric on the windshaft, and lifts the brake as it turns.


12. Brake wheel and wallower in slow motion


13. The wallower turns the main shaft. Note the wedge joining the two.


14. Wallower and main shaft turning


15. Main shaft turning, seen from grain floor


16. Spur wheel turning, seen from ground floor


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