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Milling Day at Wheatley Windmill May 2012

An enterprising Friend of the Mill, Sally Humphrey, took a series of videos of the inner workings of the mill on the day when flour was milled for the first time in nearly 100 years.
There are 13 video clips and you will need to scroll down to see all the links to them. You will need Adobe Flash Player to see them.
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The following photos and video clips are shown with the permission of Sally Humphrey.

1. Reefing the sails on windy day. The sail cloth is being folded in half to "spill" some of the wind.


2. The brake is taken off and the reefed sails start to turn.


3. The reefed sails turning. Note that 2 sails are reefed and 2 sails have no sail cloths on them.


4. Volunteer "miller" spreading a layer of wheat grains between the millstones to "oil" the stones before milling.

1min 5sec

5. Main shaft turning and powering the millstones. The Grain hopper is on the right.

9 sec

6. Grain flowing from the hopper above the millstones.


7. Millstones turning and grain flowing into the millstones.


8. Mill stones turning and grain flowing from the hopper above the millstones into the stones.

18 sec

9. Grain flowing from hopper above into the millstones.


10. Spur Wheel and the stone nut on the ground floor transfer power from the main shaft to the millstones on the floor above.


11. Volunteer "miller" watches the flour flowing into the bin on the ground floor. He can adjust the gap between the millstones by turning the screw in his hand.


12. Volunteer "miller" checking the quality of new flour.

13. Newly milled flour flowing into the bin.


14. Newly milled flour being bagged.


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