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Here is an assortment of video clips taken at different dates. You will need Adobe Flash Player to see them, but that isn't a guarantee that you can see them! Please choose the video you wish to see:

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Open Day at Wheatley Windmill June 2012

The Windmill Open Day on 10th June 2012 was rain-free, but also lacked enough wind to turn the sails.

We have two short videos of the sail climbers trying to turn the sails from the ground.

1st Volunteers trying to turn the sails   2nd Volunteers trying to turn the sails

May 13th 2012 - First Open Day of the year

The day was bright with a good breeze. Here we have an excellent video taken by one of the many visitors that day. It shows the sails turning in the wind

Training Day for Volunteers, 12th of March 2011

Sixteen volunteers met to learn how to operate the mill and put the sail cloths up and down. As with so many volunteer projects there were people from many walks of life: several engineers, an archaeologist, a chartered surveyor, an aid worker, a librarian, a gardener, a chiropractor, among others.

We have two short videos of the sails turning.

Windmill with the happy volunteers   Windmill sails turning in the wind

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