Welcome to Wheatley Windmill


Maintenance keeps the restored mill working

Volunteers fixing the fantail
Volunteers fixing the fantail
It has taken 40 years of restoration work to bring the 300 years old mill back into working order.
In 2012, we started making flour for the first time since 1914.
So far, we have made rye flour and wheat flour, both of which have been baked into delicious bread and cakes.
We will always need volunteers to help us keep this community project going.
If you would like to try your hand at milling or maintenance of the mill, please get in touch.
Everyone is welcome!
Maintenance work carried out during 2012

January to March
  • Weathervane to be greased.
  • Mill to be spring-cleaned for the May Open Day.
  • Two of the fanwheel vanes were coming apart and need replacing.
  • In order to make the stones work properly it was necessary to extend the spindle on the governor and lower the beam.
  • Improve the support for the wallower and spur wheel by means of steel pins or similar.

April to June
  • Windows painted.
  • Weathervane greased.
  • The stones vacuumed.
  • Linseed oil had been applied to canister, hatch and surround and sail end of the wind shaft.
  • Grease to fanwheel.
July to September
  • Cleaning and Greasing the winding gear.
  • Sealant to be applied to fan blades on a dry day.
  • Governor belt, which had been removed for shortening, to be re-fixed.
  • Spot lights under cap to be cleaned.
  • About 45% of the sails had been painted: all of No.II, most of No.III and part of No.IV.
  • Windows within reach had been painted inside and outside, and sealed.
October to December
  • Attach edge strips to the fan blades.
  • The governor belt had been fixed but needed tightening.
  • Redundant electric gear to be removed.
  • Nut on brake lever to be tightened.
  • More dowels had been put in the teeth in the spur wheel and might need adjusting.
  • Sack hoist to be adjusted.
  • Retaining plates to be put on the spur wheel wedges.
  • Stop the fan wheel wobbling.
  • Repaint doors.
  • Finish painting sails.
  • Centring of the brake wheel.
  • Aqua seal to be applied to the sails.
  • Rebalance the sails.