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The Mill is situated in Windmill Lane, Wheatley, Oxfordshire, OX33 1TA, Great Britain.
Here you will be able to find out about this historic windmill, how to visit it, its history, and its restoration.
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Wheatley Windmill needs volunteers !! See the details.

URGENT APPEAL!! In July 2016 our windmill lost a sail and it will cost several thousand £s to replace it. Please help to get it repaired by our May Open Day by giving a donation via the fundraising website, which is:


Date: Times:
Wednesday 15th March
Wheatley Windmill Preservation Society Annual General Meeting:
Coffee Room at the Merry Bells, Wheatley
Saturday 13th May * - Windmill Open to the Public
1pm to 5pm
Sunday 14th May * - Windmill Open to the Public
11am to 6pm
Sunday 25th June *
Teas at Wheatley Manor House (Windmill not open to the Public)
2pm to 6pm
Sunday 11th June * - Windmill Open to the Public 2pm to 6pm
Sunday 9th July * - Windmill Open to the Public 2pm to 6pm
Sunday 13th August * - Windmill Open to the Public 2pm to 6pm
Sunday 10th September * - Windmill Open to the Public. 2pm to 6pm
Sunday 8th October * - Windmill Open to the Public
- last Open Day of 2017
2pm to 5pm

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Updated 20/01/17
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Download the Programme for 2017 as a poster.

Coffee/tea and cakes are available during Open Days marked *.
There is no admission charge for visiting the mill, however we would ask that if you enjoy your visit that you make a donation to the charity's maintenance costs.

Health & Safety Reminder !  Sensible shoes must be worn.
Flip-flops, mules and stilettos are not allowed on stairs and ladders.
Beware of uneven floors throughout the mill.

We welcome group visits, but they must be arranged well in advance. Please contact the Wheatley Windmill Preservation Society Secretary by email secretary@wheatleymill.co.uk .

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